Manhattan Comfort Best Selling TV Stands

Manhattan Comfort Best Selling TV Stands

If an entertainment center is a core part of your home lifestyle, you probably crave a sophisticated, practical, yet affordable model, which will complement your living space and help create the perfect area to relax in. If this is the case, there are numerous options to choose from, but the following two choices stand out from the others.

City Theater Panel 1.2

If you are looking for stylish and elegant, the City Theater Panel 1.2 entertainment center is ideal for the homeowner who requires a more compact stand. Although it’s space saving, there’s still ample display room for precious items such as photographs, collectables, trophies or other mementos. This entertainment centre also features media space for keeping your favourite films, and two cubby holes provide additional storage room.

Not only does the entertainment center look stylish, but it has also been designed with practicality mind. If space is at a premium, the built-in brackets of the City 1.2 will allow you to hang your TV, while freeing up valuable floor space - and a range of different finishes mean the center can be tailored to your individual living area.

The City 1.2 is a beautifully finished, and it’s easy-to-clean surface makes it a low maintenance choice for the homeowner who wants to make sure their entertainment centre always looks its best.

Manhattan Comfort Cabrini 2.2 TV stand

If you want a model that is easy to maintain and guaranteed to look good in any property, the Manhattan Comfort Cabrini 2.2 TV stand comes in three classic colors: black, nut brown and white gloss.

Our TV stand comes complete with spacious cubbyholes, which will allow you to store all of your essential home entertainment accessories, or other items that might otherwise clutter your living area. Its sturdy castors allow easy transportation to its optimal position, and for relocation purposes, if necessary.

In addition, this versatile model allows the owner to either mount the TV to the wall, or it can be used alongside the Cabrini TV Panel to allow a more complete finish.
On a purely practical note, its finish – which is unique to us –  is easy to keep clean and requires very little maintenance.

The model detailed above is made from high quality MDF and it has been designed for a 70” TV screen.