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Major Furniture-loving Influencers You Need To Watch Right Now

Can’t seem to find inspiration for your next project? Looking for ways on how to mix and match pieces? Want to do a room makeover but don’t know where to start? These YouTubers will show you how it’s done. We went ahead and curated a list of wonderful, talented, and passionate people who are very much into interior design and room renovations. If you are not subscribed to any of these channels then you are definitely missing out in all the fun and excitement. Let’s go on with the list, and in no particular order, first one up is:

Studio Mcgee

They are a wonderful couple with two gorgeous daughters. They take houses and turn them into homes with their skills, talents, and their eye for design.

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a channel among many home renovating channels in youtube, but this couple is definitely one of the most popular. They have done a lot of makeovers for a bunch of YouTubers and celebrities, but now their series focuses on working on their upcoming baby’s nursery.

House & Home

This channel ranks high among other top lists. These home and living magazine turned show is a must follow for people who are always looking into what’s in and trending in furniture, design, fabrics, and more.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a fun, kind-hearted, sweet character that you would just love to binge watch all day every day. Her recent video is about giving back to a mother and her children by giving them a surprise home makeover.

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth is a chiq and quirky YouTuber that also does home makeovers. But you should always watch out for her monthly favorites, room organization videos, and other fun and spontaneous content.

Home Made Modern

One of my personal favorites. Home Made Modern’s channel mostly shows DIY’s but each and every one of their pieces exhibits true minimal and modern design and aesthetics that just gives me chills.


If you haven’t seen them on cable, then you can catch their programs here. Their shows are already organized in playlists so you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing what to watch. They have a little bit of everything from DIY’s to extreme makeovers, to simply showcasing pieces, designs, etc.


Definitely, the channel you want to check out if you want a sneak peek at Neil Patrick Harris’ or Gordon Ramsey’s homes. Celebrities trust them so it’s worth a watch.

Three Birds Renovation

These three lovely ladies are working together to make your dream renovations come into life.

Ana White

Another amazing DIY’er that will get you up on your feet, inspired, and ready to work on your own projects. Her minimal and modern pieces are also very beautiful and spot on.

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