The Essentials: Living Room

The Essentials: Living Room

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Welcome to a brand new series on this blog entitled: “The Essentials”. In this series we will breakdown key elements of each room in your homes, find out what essentials turn them into livable and breathable spaces while keeping it minimal and modern of course. And I believe that it is only fitting that we start at the very beginning, the very first room that we will set our foot on once we open the front door: The Living Room.

Before we start though, here is a brief history trivia about living rooms. Before the nineteenth century when the term living room was coined, in France, it was called the Parlor, derived from “Parle”, which means “to speak”. Very appropriate as this is indeed the room where we invite our guests and converse with them, truly a space that exudes life.

Alright, so what are the key essentials that turn a room into a worthy living room? Other articles out there will give you a billion of things to take note or to list down. And so I’m skipping some of the following stuff like pillows, electronics, plants (though do consider adding plants), and all the other accessories, gadgets, and gizmos. We will be talking about the very bare essentials, and there are only 2. That is the sofa and the coffee table. Let’s begin.

The Sofa

It is not a living room without this long soft seat with a comfortable back and sturdy arms, the sofa. From simple friendly banter, hot gossips, confessions, to any kind of propositions, the sofa surely bears the weight of not just your bodies but you and your guests' personalities and tales. A good sofa would leave a good impression on your guest, on your home, and perhaps even in your physical and emotional health. A good sofa would last you a lifetime and its quality would never fade over time.

A great example would be:




The Coffee Table

When you invite your friends over, what do you usually say to them? I’m sure the phrase, “Would you like to come over for some coffee?", comes into mind right away. And its no coincidence. It is instilled in our culture and thus it is essential to accompany the sofa in your living room with a coffee table. It holds all the other necessities that you may have in your living room, from magazines, plants, centerpieces, to even the remote control of your television. And as it stays on the center of your living room, it should also be the center of great energy and positive vibrations.

A great example would be:




Honorable Mention:

The TV Stand

Having a great entertainment system is essential in building your ideal living room. But with great televisions, stereos, or gaming systems, it should all come with a quality stand. One that would fit the atmosphere you are trying to project while also being able to withstand everything and anything you place on top of it. Functionality and aesthetic are key when it comes to choosing such stands.

A great example would be:




These and many more living room pieces can be found and purchased at the palm of our hands or in the comforts of wherever you are now through our website Be sure to watch out for special offers, promos, and sales.