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TOV Furniture Modern Avery Pink Velvet Chair

What color screams “fun” the most? It’s definitely the color pink! And if you love the color pink as much as I do, then you will love this. Let me introduce to you the TOV Furniture Modern Avery Pink Velvet Chair. It is the definition of fun, bold, femininity, luxe, and everything cute and pretty in this world (take it from me, I love pink so much that it’s now the color of my hair, no joke!). Imagine just going into your room and seeing this beautiful chair. I bet you can already feel its soft velvet embrace as you’re walking towards it. Imagine sitting on it, resting your body in it, and letting it carry the weight of your world. I bet you would feel nothing but happiness and pure delight, and you will probably feel like a princess the whole time (I know I would, teehee!). With its high-density foam interior, covered in soft velvet exterior in the most fabulous shade of pink, and lifted by shinning, shimmering, stunning, gold stainless steel legs, I mean c’mon, even Barbie would not be able to resist getting this for her dream house.


Now, let me tell you more about this TOV Furniture Modern Avery Pink Velvet Chair. Besides being pretty and gorgeous, this chair was carefully crafted by skilled geniuses with the dimensions of 33.5"W x 29"D x 35.5"H so your princess booty can surely sit nice and comfortable in this pink throne. And TOV having your safety as one of their top priorities, its high-density foam is made of CA117-2013 Fire Retardant Foam. And those legs, of course, can surely brighten up anyone’s day because of its gold stainless steel, baby! The back-sit cushion is removable. And when it is delivered to you it's already assembled, because you are royalty and your people do the work for you. You’re welcome.


So, what else can make this TOV Furniture Modern Avery Pink Velvet Chair more special? What else could be the cherry and whipped cream on top of this delectable strawberry sundae of a chair? Well, guess what? It’s on sale! TAKE 10% OFF ANY ORDER OF 2 OR MORE OF THESE CHAIRS USING THE CODE: "AVERY" AT CHECKOUT. Now that’s a grand deal for this grand chair. What are you even waiting for? Don’t let another moment pass without adding the Regina George of chairs to your cart! (See that Mean Girl reference? *wink*). And be sure to check out other TOV furniture as well, they have all the amazing, luxurious, glamorous, modern pieces in their collection, so keep an eye out for that.





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