TOV Furniture Modern Magnolia Collection

TOV Furniture Modern Magnolia Collection

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In every kingdom lies a room where his or her majesty rests upon their throne. A throne that symbolizes one’s status. A throne that elevates one’s being above the rest. A throne fit only for the one who is royal, regal, and for the one who reigns supreme. What better feeling than to sit on a throne that symbolizes your truest form of sophistication? What better feeling than to rest your body on a throne that will elevate your senses and your spirits? What better feeling than to be able to have this luxury in your own home for an amazingly reasonable price?


This is the piece that will establish your rightful place as king or queen of your kingdom; Introducing the TOV Furniture Modern Magnolia Collection. These glorious chairs are available in sea blue, grey, hot pink or navy colors in velvet upholstery with either a gold or silver steel frame. I know for sure that you haven’t found anything quite stunningly gorgeous as this collection. From the quality materials to the fantastic steel work, wouldn’t it be spectacularly grand to have one of these take the spotlight of your throne room? Anyone would beg to sit on it for sure.


With its dimensions of 30.7" width, 27.4" depth, and 28" height, and weighing in 41.9 lbs, these chair is an absolute show-stopper. Crafted with love and care by TOV’s master craftsmen, it is sure to widtheld the test of time. A definite must-have for any home. Whether it be a gift to a love one, or a treat to yourself, everyone deserves this royal treatment once in a while. No words would be able to sum up the tantalizing sensation you are feeling right now whilst gazing upon this wonderful creation. What more once you add it to your cart and order it especially in this yuletide season?


Go ahead and indulge yourself in its magnificent glory as only you only deserve the best, your most royal highness.

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