Crazy Furniture Hacks

Crazy Furniture Hacks

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Life hacks have been dominating the entire world wide web in the past few years. And it has dominated every aspect of, well, life. There are some life hacks out there that are truly useful, but there are also others that are just plain crazy, and literally takes more steps than just doing whatever it is the normal way. And so I went ahead and searched for life hacks relating to furniture and created this list. It is up to you to judge whether it's useful or just crazy.

Turning dining chairs into a bench

You may check out this article for instructions. But basically what you do is deconstruct two dining chairs, create a base for the bench that will also hold the two chairs together while they are facing each other, add cushions and boom! You now have a bench. Now, in my definition of a life hack, it should require less work and this hack doesn’t really do that. So would I consider this a hack? Probably not. Would I consider it creative and environmentally friendly since you are technically repurposing the chairs and not throwing them away? Yes, absolutely.

Turning a bookshelf into a bench

I don’t know why we have to build benches out of things that are not really meant to be used as benches but here we are. Check out this article for full instructions. Though I do believe that it is a cool and nifty way to repurpose a bookshelf especially if you live in one of those tiny homes that are slowly becoming a trend.

Using a ladder as a towel rack

Now, this is something I can get behind as this requires zero effort. Basically, you take a ladder, bring it in your bathroom, hang your towels on the steps, and that’s it! You now have a brand, spanking, new towel rack. Again, no effort (besides lifting it and placing it wherever you want), and useful. That is what I call a hack. You can check it out here.

Want another cool life hack? You can pretty much avoid any kind of work when it comes to furniture shopping. No need to actually turn pieces that are not benches into benches because you can actually just buy a bench in one click. Browse through our bench selections here in and shop now!