Summertime Favorites

Summertime Favorites

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Move over springtime because here comes summer. Bring out your rainbow umbrellas, put on some sunscreen, lay down the beach towels, give yourself a tan, relax and read along with us because, as always, we are here to list down our summer must-haves. Complete your outdoor patio with these amazing pieces that just screams summertime fun time! Let’s all give a round of applause to Modway Furniture Modern Marina collection for showering this list with the most perfect pieces of furniture for this season.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Dining Chair


Let’s start this list with something simple yet classy. This chair is perfect for every member of your crew as you breathe the fresh crisp air of a day spent with friends and family. Known for its natural ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, teak is the wood selection of choice for long-lasting outdoor furnishings.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Dining Chair


Now you can enjoy Marina’s durable construction and all-weather cushions, alongside a modern design that persistently looks new and welcoming.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Dining Table


A simple but strong and mighty table that would be able to withstand all of your summer activities and all of the parties all year round. This is definitely something that you should not pass up on.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Folding Chair


Now, this chair definitely has character. It’s easy to pull out once you have guests over and store back in once the party is over.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Folding Chair


The same goes for this piece, but it has additional arm support which I personally love. And I’m sure the family will love this one as well. Imagine all gathered around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows with the kids.

Modway Furniture Modern Marina Outdoor Patio Teak Nesting Table


This table set is absolutely perfect for the whole family. There’s one for dad, one for mom, and for the children.

Bonus Item:

Modway Furniture Modern Marina 2 Piece Outdoor Patio Teak Set


Here’s a set for those who are a little extra and a little more bougie. This will truly steal the show and will leave everyone gasping and in awe. Chic, Comfort, and a true Conversational piece. This set is a must-have for sure.

Now, of course, your choices are not limited by this list. You can always go to and search for your own summertime favorites. So what are you waiting for? Shop Now!